Friday, November 5, 2010

Ferret Giving Tree

For ferrets at shelters throughout Canada and the US who need a little extra love, and whose foster families and shelters need a little extra help. This is a wonderful idea! If you love ferrets, but can't have one, or have as many as you can handle but still want to help others, visit the Ferret Giving Tree.
This is how it works: You can browse through ferret bios or browse by shelter and pick a ferret. You read its wish list and then send the shelter some of what the ferret needs. You can send one or two objects on the list, or a whole slew of them! If you are a DIY kind of person, you may even wish to choose a ferret whose list includes hammocks and cage liners and try your hand at sewing! The ferrets won't care if the beds are not store bought or even perfect, so long as its functional, safe and cozy! Shelters have until the end of October to register their furry friends, and people can begin choosing the ferrets whose Christmas they want to make extra special beginning November 1st. Enjoy making some ferret feel extra special this holiday season! Who knows, you may even be helping one of our shelter ferrets =)