Monday, October 25, 2010


Ferrets North Information and Rescue Society is going to try something... this idea was pitched by a volunteer and may work, but if it doesn't, we don't really lose anything (other than a bit of time), so it might be worth a try... a 2011 fund-raising calendar which can be ordered online by anyone interested in helping us out, or who just LOVES ferrets!

We are going to make a calendar which interested parties can order online... the company from which the calendar is ordered takes a cut (approximately 20% of each sale) and gives us the rest. We make the calendar using our time and photos, they deal with making and shipping. This reduces the amount of capital that we have to invest in order to see whether this will work; as a new (and very small) society, we don't have a lot of spare capital for fund raising!

So - we need pictures!!! Cute, funny, fuzzy ferret pictures!!! I will receive pictures in the Ferrets North Information and Rescue Society inbox (please send the photos to and repost them on facebook where people will have a chance to take a look at the pictures and choose their favourites!

Top 12 will be awarded their own month in the calendar, with honourable mentions being placed in smaller pictures throughout the calendar. The top three submissions will received their own copy of the calendar.


1) Pictures must be submitted to a special Ferrets North Information and Rescue Society inbox created just for this contest. The e-mail address is:

2) Photos must be high quality (min 3 MP) so that they are clear and crisp when enlarged. This ensures that the ferrets in the pictures look their best on the calendar.

3) You must have the rights to the photo which you are submitting, and by submitting the photo, you are agreeing to allow us to publish the picture of your ferret(s) in this contest, and for this calendar.

4)To 'vote' for a picture, click on the photo in the photo album (I will be creating an album specifically for this contest as soon as we begin to receive submissions), and press "like". The photos with the most 'likes' will win.

5)Only one vote per person per photo please. We will have an initial round where the top 12 are chosen, and a secondary round where the top 3 are chosen.

6) Owners can request a specific month for their image to be used in, but there is no guarantee that they will get the month that they request. We may ask for input from our facebook friends on this, but on the other hand, we may not as we need to ensure that the calendar is done soon!

7) We will be taking submissions for 5 days (officially beginning October 26) though feel free to send us submissions today if you'd like.

8) Anyone can enter, and can submit 5 photos each.

9) Photos MUST be of ferrets, though other animals can be in the picture as well =)