Saturday, May 15, 2010

More ferret toy ideas

A while ago, we blogged about inexpensive ways to create entertaining toys for your ferrets (to view the blog, click here). We have since come up with a few more ideas on how to create 'new' toys for your pet.

1) Long, low kitty litters (or similar) filled with water. Many ferrets LOVE to play with water! To make this toy more entertaining, add some of their favourite toys and watch them bob for their toys! This is also a superb summer toy for those hot days.

2) take a torn up dryer tube (this often happens once the tubes have been well played in by the ferrets), using wire cutters and duct tape, cut the tube into large pieces, tape off any sharp edges and reassemble the tube into new shapes

3) Wrap a dryer tube or 20 ft clear ferret play tunnel around an old cat tree, coffee table legs, chair or similar item to create a fun, inexpensive 'turbo tunnel' for the ferrets to run through.

4) Hollow plastic Easter eggs filled with beans, rice, dry noodles, bells or other noise-making items and taped shut, or simply left empty. Many ferrets love pushing these around with their noses, dragging them under their tummies and stashing them around the house.

5) Golf balls. They make a lot of noise when rolled across a hard floor, and this will make most ferrets do a happy dance. Many ferrets will happily roll these balls around and make a racket!

6) A cup or bowl filled with noise-making jingle cat toys or filled Easter eggs. Ferrets will go crazy when they up end the bowl and knock its contents all over the floor (and you know that they will!)