Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Penny Pinching Tips for Ferret Toys

There are a couple things that every ferret owners knows when it comes to ferret toys... 1) you can never have too many and 2) it generally does not take long for a ferret to get bored of its toys. For most people, buying a ferret a new toy every time their ferret gets bored of its old toys is not an option - doing so is costly and let's face it, there are only so many ferret-friendly toys to choose from! Here are some tips to keep your ferret happy without breaking the bank and filling your house with ferret toys:
  • When your ferret gets bored a toy, take it away and wash it. Some people suggest washing it in vanilla or lemon water, but generally any non-toxic product that would change the smell of the toy is fine. Once the toy has a new smell, your ferret will think that it is a new toy!
  • Try making sets of ferret toys, with each set containing a different variety and about three or four toys. When the ferret gets bored of one set, it goes in the closet and a new set is brought out.
  • Cardboard boxes are great ferret entertainment. Once your ferret gets bored of the box, put in upside down or on its side and voila, a new toy! Once all angles have been exhausted, put some crinkly news or other paper in the box, add a ferret and a toy and watch the little critter go nuts! With one object you have just created 4 new toys!
  • Worn out socks with jingle balls in their toes and knots around the top to keep the toy in are great for many ferrets - not only does the toy make noise, but it provides a toy for them to snuggle as well.
  • Drier tubes, paper bags and jean legs are great fun for most ferrets to go tearing through, and they are generally cheap and easy to find.
  • Bins filled with dirt, beans or rice which the ferret can dig through and (in the case of beans and rice) make noise with are inexpensive, reusable (for the ferret) and easy to make.
Ferret toys don't have to be fancy, they just have to be fun! If you are particularly creative and have any innovative new ferret toy ideas, feel free to add them!


  1. Thanks for the toy tips. I like the dry goods 'sandbox' idea. Sounds like tons of fun & way less messy than an actual sand/dirt sandbox. I just brought a ferret to PG from Kamloops & I'll try this idea out!

  2. I hope he/ she enjoys it! Good to hear that their are more ferrets in town again, and that the owners care about them and spoil them!

  3. Recently some some pics with a really cool variation on the dig box! Rather than having a deep rubber maid container, this person had a slightly shallower one (though still deep enough for the ferret to stand comfortably in the container with the contents and the lid) with 3 holes cut into the lid and dryer tubes stuck into the holes - excellent for ferrets that LOVE to dig AND play in tunnels!

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