Friday, October 4, 2013



1) Pictures must be submitted to a special Ferrets North Information and Rescue Society inbox created just for this contest. The e-mail address is:

2) Photos must be high quality, large file sizes so that they are clear and crisp when enlarged. This ensures that the ferrets in the pictures look their best on the calendar.

3) You must have the rights to the photo which you are submitting, and by submitting the photo, you are agreeing to allow us to publish the picture of your ferret(s) in this contest, and for this calendar.

4) To 'vote' for a picture, click on the photo in the photo album (a specific album will be created on facebook and made open to the public after submissions have closed), and press "like". The photos with the most 'likes' will win.

5) We do our best to include as many photos of ferrets as possible on the calendar, and try to include at least one submission from each person in the calendar. The top 3 get their own month, the top voted gets a prize. This year, the prize is a special one: a SUPER CUTE pig touque by Knitwits (adult sizing)!

6) We will be taking submissions beginning October 4th and ending October 14th. Voting begins October 16 and ends the following Wednesday. After voting ends, a winner will be announced. Calendars should be finished and ready to order by the end of October so that they can arrive in time for Christmas!

8) Anyone can enter, and can submit a maximum of 5 photos each. That is five per person, not family.

9) Photos MUST be of ferrets, though other animals can be in the picture as well =)