Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Petition To Stop Impulse Purchases of Ferrets

We have started a petition asking Petland Canada to stop selling ferrets, except through special order. This is an attempt to decrease impulse purchases of animals which require high levels of care. It reads:

"Owning a ferret is much closer to owning a cat or dog than it is to owning a hamster or a fish. This applies both to the level of care and attention the ferret needs, as well as its lifespan. There is still a tendency to treat ferrets as if they are caged animals, only interacting with humans for an hour or two a day. The reality is they need much more space and much more interaction than other small pets. They also have a longer life-span. With this in mind they should be treated more like cats and dogs than other small animals. We applaud Petland Canada's decision to stop carrying kittens and puppies and would like to see Petland Canada put a similar policy in place regarding ferrets. 
We, the undersigned, would like to see Petland Canada receive ferrets on pre-paid special order only."
If you are in Canada and are able to post this petition in a public place, you can print it from Scribd or Google Docs. Once you've got a set of signatures, email info[at]ferretsnorth[dot]org for an address to send the signatures to. We would like to send all signed petitions to Petland Canada in a single package.

You can also sign the online version, available on change.org.

Petition to Stop Pet Land Canada From Carrying Ferrets