Thursday, July 29, 2010

On the topic of things that make you shake your head...

This little ferret was recently rescued thanks to a good Samaritan who noticed her on Kijiji and brought her to our attention. According to the ad, her former owner got a new ferret cage. The spacing between the bars was such that this little girl could slip out. In order to prevent this, the owner claims to have shaved her (and claims that this worked well). She has only been out of the care of her former owner for a few days, but we will soon know whether she is healthy or whether this bad shaving job masked any health problems that one would otherwise notice when a ferret begins to go bald. A reasonable person would most likely have either chosen a cage with the size of their pet (as she had the ferret before getting the new cage) in mind, or opted to sell the new cage and purchase a cage that the ferret could not escape from so easily.

***Update: Her rescuer took her to the vet. She is underweight and has an eye infection. It is too soon to tell whether anything more sinister is going on, but getting her up to weight and treating the eye infection will help for sure!!!