Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ferret Proofing - the kitchen

The kitchen can pose many hidden risks to a mischievous ferret. Gaps that allow fuzzies to get behind or underneath stoves, refrigerators and dishwashers MUST be blocked off - these appliances often have moving components underneath and can seriously injure or kill your ferret. If the grate of the bottom of your refrigerator pulls off easily, your ferret may be able to pull it off and get underneath - fasten it down as a precaution. One thing that I never thought of before getting my first ferret were cupboards. Some ferrets are excellent at getting into cupboards and though there may not be anything harmful to them in the cupboard, having ferrets climb through previously clean dishes is not something that most people enjoy. Magnetic child locks or locking cupboards are ideal for keeping pots and pans ferret-free.Other types of locks such as the ones that fasten on to the top corner of the cupboard will not keep fuzzy out of the cupboards (they will be able to pull the door open wide enough to fit in), but they will make the task of cupboard entry more difficult and noisey for the ferret, allowing you to hear what your pet is up to and catching him in the act. Now a final couple of thoughts about the kitchen... first - get a locking garbage can. Garbage is interesting to most pets, and ferrets are no exception. Your pet, at best, will pull garbage out of the can and stash it around your house (and it is NOT fun to play 'where is the smell coming from' as you search for the hidden garbage) and at worst eat something out of the garbage can, causing intestinal blockage or accidentally get thrown out with the trash. Second - make sure that your ferret stay OUT of the fridge. Odds are that your pet will want to explore the interior of the refrigerator and will attempt to climb in, if you are not careful you could wind up shutting him in - it wouldn't be fun to open the fridge to get an apple and finding a hypothermic ferret.

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