Friday, February 20, 2009

Ferret Proofing - the bathroom

Foamy, soapy, spongy, rubbery - those are the key words to keep in mind when ferret proofing the bathroom. Anything that is foamy, soapy, spongy or rubbery is a ferret magnet. Plugs, soap, plungers, toilet brushes (ok, they don't quite fit, but they do attract ferrets), razors with rubber grips, tooth and hairbrushes (again - rubbery grips) are all fair game in the world of the ferret. The trouble is that much of the stuff found in the bathroom is not ferret friendly. Plugs are easily chewed apart and ingested, soaps may make ferrets sick, etc. So how do you make the bathroom ferret-friendly? Well, in some cases you simply cannot successfuly do so and should just keep the door closed when ferret is about, but if you want to try or have a bathroom that can be ferret-proofed then here are some tips... if you have shower doors, keep them firmly closed. This will make the bathtub and its contents out of reach for fuzzy. If you do not have a shower door, store all soaps, shampoos, plugs, razors etc. high up and out of ferret reach. Make sure that rubbery anti-slip mats are moved out of ferret reach either by sticking them high on the wall or by closing shower doors - ferrets love to chew off and swallow the suction cups. Store the plunger under the sink(if your ferret cannot get under the sink) or, if string it under the sink is not an option, store it in a margarine or ice cream container with a small hole pocked through the top for the handle, but keep in mind that some ferrets will be able to figure out how to remove the lid. Do the same with the toilet brush - the chemicles on it can make fuzzy rather sick and maybe even kill him - its best not to take that chance. Keep the garbage out of reach along with feminine hygiene products (some ferrets love to steal them and rip them apart), and be sure to always keep the toilet covered - toilets are filled with fascinating smells and pose a big drowning risk to over curious ferrets.

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