Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Checkered Ferrets? Official Names for Ferret Patterns

Now, to go with the previous post of ferret colours... ferret patterns! Patterns are how you describe colour concentrations and markings on a ferret. Here are the main ferret patterns:

Blaze: Rather than full masks, blaze ferrets have smudges or partial masks on their faces and a white ‘line’ or blaze running from their heads down onto their necks and sometimes shoulders.

Hooded: The mask extends onto the ferrets head without a break in colour, giving the mask the appearance of a hood. (Two sable ferrets, the one on the bottom is hooded, the one on the top is siamese with a V shaped mask - notice the break in the mask on the siamese coloured ferret.)

Mitts: Look like well, white mitts. Ferrets with mitts have four white feet and a white bib or throat and chest.

Panda: This pattern is denoted by a white head, chest, throat, neck and mitts, a pink nose and rings or smudges around the eyes.

Point (aka Siamese): Have legs and tails darker than the rest of their bodies and masks shaped like a thin V (though some colours like champagne may not have masks at all)

Solid: A solid coloured ferret is more uniform in colour than the average ferret (whose legs and tail are generally at little bit darker than the rest of his body, but less dark that a siamese).

Standard: Your average ferret! Their legs and tail are slightly darker than the rest of their bodies, and their mask is thick and T shaped.

Now you are ready the proper colour and pattern names together and describe your ferrets like an expert! My last pair of ferrets, for example, were a silver blaze and a standard sable... see how much more ‘professional’ that sounds? Have fun colour coding your ferrets!

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