Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fuzzy Love - How to tell that your ferret loves you

A ferret will not jump on you, wagging its tail and yipping, it will not sit on your lap and purr... so how you know that your ferret loves you? Well, ferrets are individuals - each one has its own way to show you just how special you are to them, so I asked a myriad of ferret owners how they can tell that their fuzzy loves them. Here is what they said:

1) Boy, am I glad to see you! 
 The ferret runs to you when you enter the room. This happens most often with free roam ferrets as the animal is not simply looking to get out of their area to exercise, but some ferrets will immediately run to their owners for a quick cuddle when they come home.

2) Ferret kisses.
This is when a ferret licks their owners on their face - eyes, ears, lips - or hands and arms to show how happy they are to see them.

 3) You're dirty. 
 Your ferret will groom you - clean your ears, eyebrows, arms, legs in the same way that they would clean themselves or another ferret. The ferret wants you to look our best... because they love you.

Some ferrets will jump at their owners legs, attempt to climb them, scratch or even nip at their foot for a reaction. These ferrets are asking to be picked up by their favourite person, or at least acknowledged. 

A ferret will attempt to engage you in play - again, this is a plea for YOUR attention and them showing that they are happy to have you around. 

6) Oh, I'll help!
The ferret is overly interested in anything and everything that you are doing, and attempting to participate in whatever it is that you are doing with you. This is their way of keeping busy while doing what you seem to be wanting to do.

7) You will be my couch. 
 The ferret will climb up on to your lap for a nap and cuddle while you are watching TV or doing homework or other similar, stationary activities. More often than not, it is older ferrets that will do this as younger ferrets simply do not sit still long enough.

8) Follow the leader!
Your ferret will follow you around the house. They want to be a part of your activity and see what you're into, even if all that you are doing is pacing back and forth.

 Of course, there are many other ways in which your ferret can show you that they love you - this is simply a list of common forms, but as we already mentioned, ferrets are individuals and your ferret may have its own way of telling you that you're their special someone. Also, be sure to keep in mind that all ferrets have, essentially, ADHD - their expressions of affection and wanting your attention may be in short bursts, and they are easily distracted; don't take this personally - a short attention span is part of what makes them ferrets!