Friday, August 20, 2010

Walk this way: Getting your ferret used to the harness

Now that your ferret has a harness, and the harness is fit, there is one final step that you need to take before heading on your adventure: GETTING YOUR FERRET USED TO THEIR HARNESS.

This is a relatively simple task. Bring your ferret into a small room that he or she is familiar with. Bring some treats or Ferretone with you. Put the harness on the ferret and put the ferret down. He or she will likely flop around and act as though the harness is killing him or her. If you have fit the harness according to our guidelines, then do not fall for this act. Your ferret is simply trying to get you to remove the offending object.

Once you ferret stops playing "the harness is killing me", he may begin attempting to rub the harness off. This is generally a harmless activity, but beware of objects that could snag the harness and cause harm to your pet.

After a short period, remove the harness, treat your pet, and try again later.

Depending on your ferret, getting them used to the harness may take anywhere from one day to one week. Be patient - your pet's well being is worth it.