Monday, May 3, 2010

Keeping it Fuzzy: Brushing your ferret

Another entry in our series about keeping your ferret looking its best!

Brushing is something that many ferret owners never thing of doing. Brushing your ferret can not only help remove dead skin and fur during shedding season, it can also be used as a bonding experience between you and your fuzzy friend and reduce the risk of your pet developing potentially deadly hairballs.

What to use: a soft bristled cat, baby or ferret brush. You don't want to use a comb or a brush with hard teeth as this will not remove dead skin and fur as effectively and will most likely scratch your pet's skin.

How to brush: Gently hold your ferret with one hand and run the brush along the coat. Do not brush the ferret's coat backwards or 'against the grain'. Though treat incentives can be used to get your pet to hold still, it is generally best to wait until your ferret is tired out after a play before attempting to brush him or her.

How often? That's up to you. Some owners brush their ferrets daily, others weekly. Some only brush them during shedding season or after their pets have played outside in the grass and dirt.

Whether you brush your pet or not, it is important to give them a small dab of laxative every few days during shedding season to reduce risk of an intestinal obstruction being cause by a hairball.