Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ferret Rooms - examples

For all those who are thinking of creating a ferret room, here are a few sample rooms for you:

This room has easily accessible food and water, room to run, tunnels to play in, a cage, a lots of fresh water available, a large water container for fishing and a dresser filled with novel objects for the ferrets to sleep in and explore. Second dresser, empty boxes and ferret tents not shown.

This room contains a cage for the ferrets to sleep and eat in, a variety of tunnels to play with, soft carget to rub on and scratch, litters, a dirt filled dig box. Over sized water dish for toy fishing, crinkle bag, crinkle pants and toy box not shown.

This is a more simple ferret room. It contains plenty of running room, a few tunnels, some food and water, a cage for napping and a variety of different beds, from stuffed fish to kennels.

This ferret room contains a nice cage for napping, a special ferret cat tree, a giant pool for water play and drinking, empty boxes, an octoplay, some ferret tents and other beds and even an intricate tunnel system (which can be seen in the far left corner)

This ferret room contains nice cages for napping, plenty of beds, a ferret cat tree, a suspended hammock, tunnels which lead into a dig box and laundry basket for napping and exploring as well as some nice carpet pieces for the ferrets to rub on.