Saturday, October 3, 2009

Set of eight surrendered

Eight ferrets were surrendered to Ferrets North Information and Rescue Society today. Unfortunately, not all eight are in adoptable condition. One male is extremely thin, and another will need to be under observation for some time to ensure that he is well. FIVE (one set of three and one pair) will be available for adoption within two weeks. The ones that will be available for adoption are: Sugar, Spice and Lily - a beautiful trio of girls all around the age of two. Sugar is a champagne, Spice is a sable and Lily is a Lily is a silver blaze. More information about them and pictures will follow. The other two - aged approximately 2 to 3 - are a very sweet boy and girl duo. Zeus is a DEW with a dark tail tip, and Orpheila is a sable with a funny little stub tail. One of the eight is emaciated; we hope that he pulls through - we suspect that he has injuries from being kicked in the past, and another has an enlarged spleen which we hope does not become a health risk. The third of this pair is healthy, but we will let her help them on the road to recovery!

Pictures will follow!