Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Note On Commenting

In order to allow for more discussion, we have just changed the commenting format on all new posts to allow you to comment using your profile on Twitter, Facebook, OpenID, and Disqus. Whereas before you needed a Blogger account to comment, now you can use any of these services to do it-- you can even do it using email, and if you want, your comments will be displayed in your Twitter feed (but only if you want!)

Now, don't worry if you think this means you can't comment anymore. First of all, you can choose to just enter your name and email address (it isn't displayed, it's just to avoid spam) and, if you want, your website. Second, everyone who has a Blogger, Google, Wordpress, MySpace, Flickr, Yahoo, or pretty much anything else already has an OpenID.

For Blogger, your OpenID url is the address of your blog, and your display name is just the name that appears when you post. For example, for Ferrets North the url is "blog.ferretsnorth.org" and the display name is "ferrets in the north". To find out more, visit http://openid.net/get/. Enjoy the conversation!

PS. I've added examples using all the different ways of doing it in the comment section below.