Thursday, April 23, 2009

Great new 'ferret food'!!!

I normally don't do endorsements on my website, but I was recently at a pet food store searching for a high quality ferret or cat kibble, and I stumbled onto an amazing find.

Now I'm sure that many of you in the ferret world are already aware of this food, but for those that aren't, check it out! Orijin cat food can be checked out online at or at Total Pet, Quackers Canine Cuisine (they may only carry dog food) or Ospika pet and farm in Prince George.

This food is rather reasonably priced - less expensive than Totally Ferret, with a higher protein content... it is nothing short of impressive. The protein content of Orijin cat food hovers around a whopping 45%, with 20% fat, and .25% taurine (Totally ferret has roughly the same amount of fat and taurine, but only 36% protein) - full analysis of the food can be found at The first three ingredients of this food are: chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, making it a nice, meaty alternative to many other ferret and cat foods on the market.


  1. The only food with a higher protein content that I could find (at this time) was Innova EVO cat/kitten/ferret food with a 50% protein content and 2/3 of the first ingredients being meat and the third meat meal... also grain free, this food would make a great choice as well =)

  2. I recommend the chicken, not the fish flavour for ferrets (fish comes in the black and blue packaging, chicken in the black and yellow) as most ferrets do not appreciate fish flavours.

    For the best price, visit Ospika pets where a bag that costs $23 at Petland and $21 at Total Pet sells for only $19!!!

  3. Do you find that your ferrets have loose stools with Origen? My boy definately does not have diarrhea but his poops were very squishy. I've since mixed the origen with Now kibbles. Now is also fairly high protein, not as high as origen, but its also grain free and made with fresh and natural products. If anyone else has the loose stool problem I recomend Now or Go! grain free kibbles as a mix in.