Friday, December 12, 2008

Toy Time

All animals need toys - something to entertain and stimulate them; ferrets are no exception to this rule. Ferrets are highly inquisitive and and intelligent animals who need to be provided with a variety of different toys and stimulus to keep them entertained. If you don't find ferret-safe things to entertain your ferrets, they will find things themselves - unfortunately these things may be your most prized possessions and may be harmful to your pet. Remember: a bored ferret is a particularly mischievous and destructive ferret. Some people have a tendency to cage ferrets rather than entertain them, but caging the animal is not a solution as bored caged ferrets may develop deadly habits such as chewing fabric or wire, and these habits tend to result in expensive vet bills or even the death of your beloved pet. A better solution than caging your ferret when he gets particularly bored and destructive is providing him with ferret-safe entertainment both in and outside of the cage.


  1. That is SO true. We have two, and the tiny female gets really bitchy when she does not get enough stimulation from play. She gets bitey and sassy (she leaves "presents" right next to the litter box). We call it Cage Stress.

  2. My little guy used to do something similar as well... when he felt that he was being ignored, he would run around you to get your attention, then dart over to the area rug and, while glaring at you, leave a "present" right in the middle! He KNEW that it was especially bad to go on the carpet so he made a special effort to do so!